Smart Logistics

My name is Kathy Lucks. I am the Financial Director of Smart Logistics Airgroup STL. We are a small but multifaceted company providing trucking services, as well as logistics brokering. Our income is produced solely via e-commerce; making our computers, email, and internet service our life blood. It is imperative to our company that all of our computers be in top notch condition, running swiftly and consistently without issue.

Choosing a competent and proactive computer service company is detrimental to our future and I feel that hiring BoPag Computer Services for all of our IT needs is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

We have had the opportunity to enjoy the monthly monitoring of all of our computers. When we do have an issue, we simply request repair. Their service has always answered within minutes of our request; repairing the issue remotely. We have never had any issue that they could not fix. They even assist our corporate Airgroup IT team of representatives when they are stumped.

We have recently purchased new computers for almost all office employee’s and BoPag has installed each and every one. They stay until the job is complete. Sometimes into the early morning hours. Their dedication, pride in their work, and quality of services is simply unprecedented. I would recommend BoPag to anyone seeking IT services. You will be glad you did.

Kathy LucksFinancial DirectorSmart Logistics AirgroupSt. Louis