Remote Network Management


Sleep easy again… Problems will be fixed before you’re even aware of them!
Lost productivity is lost cash flow. If your business can’t afford to have a computer die, than you may want to keep reading! With BoPag’s 24/7 managed services, you don’t have to worry any more! Our team of experts will monitor your critical hardware, software, and network for all any issues. You’ll never have to settle for lost productivity again because of unforeseen crashes or outages. We catch problems before they become problems!

Features & Benefits

No More Hourly Charges
If you have a full-time IT staff or if you’re hiring someone on a break-fix basis, you’re probably losing valuable money. With our outsourced and American IT services, you only pay one low & flat monthly rate. You’ll know exactly what your bill will be every month.
Automatic Software Patching
It is critical that all computers and servers on your network are kept up-to-date at all times. Software bugs, Windows crashes, compatibility errors, and security vulnerabilities are all resolved with patching. We’ll do it all for you without any work on your part!
Daily Safety Checks
A good business is a secure business. With our Daily Safety Checks, you’ll know that your sensitive information and valuable network is impenetrable. We run extensive tests on a daily basis to make sure that each and every workstation and server of yours is fully secured from all of today’s newest emerging threats and viruses.
Health Checking
You’ve probably heard it before: All technology slows down with time. That doesn’t have to affect your company though! We work around the clock to make sure that all of your systems are running at their top performance at all times of the day. By checking critical areas of your computers for misconfiguration, errors, conflicts, and more, we can assure you that you will extend the life of all devices that you depend on.
Stopping The Hackers
Want to know when a hacker is actively attempting to break into your company computers? We’ll be alerted as soon as it happens so that we can alert you and work together to stop the attack and keep your data safe.
Hardware Monitoring
Never worry about losing data because of a failing hard drive, dead motherboard, or faulty RAID card. Similar to your car’s Check Engine light, our hardware monitoring agent alerts us before you have a catastrophic hardware failure. With discounted on-site hours included, we’ll have a technician out to replace the faulty equipment in no time!
Automatic Off-Site Backup
Did you know that 70% of companies go out of business within one year of a major data loss? We work hard in making sure that your business will never be a part of that statistic! We offer our clients an incredibly affordable, secure, and fully automated, off-site backup solution so that you will never lose your important documents or customer information again. LEARN MORE
  • 70% of businesses that experience a major data loss are out of business within one year (DTI/ PricewaterhouseCoopers)
  • 94% of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss do not survive (University of Texas)
  • 96% of all business workstations are not being backed up. (Contingency Planning and Strategic Research Corporation)
  • 30% of small businesses will experience a natural disaster (NFIB)
  • 10% of small businesses will experience a major data loss as result of human error (NFIB)
  • 100% of data loss could have been prevented with proper backups in place


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Want Problems Stopped Before They Arise?
Our Remote Network Management will find problems and stop them dead in their tacks before they surface their ugly heads!
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Amazing job at our offices in Eureka. At Farmers insurance, being able to access your computer and use it properly is a big part of our job. When we came in and found our computer unusable, we called Andrew, and he came out on a holiday (July 4th) and picked up the computer after finding the problem remotely. The cost was definitely worth the amazing job, professional service, and clean computer. He was there to answer every e-mail, every phone call, and had our computer back to us in just a few days. We would definitely use him again and will be referring all of our local agents to him! Great job Andrew!
Farmers Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Why pay for managed services when we can just have somebody fix issues when we need them?
Our agents are working for you around the clock. When you’re sleeping in bed at 3AM, we’re on call and ready to respond to critical issues. We prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Give this a thought: A typical IT company hopes that your business has problems so that they will be paid to fix them. If they do a great job at fixing the problem, they won’t get another paycheck from you again until something breaks again. It’s very different when you have our team working for you. We don’t make more money by fixing more of your issues. We’re paid if we prevent the issues! We’ll both be fighting for the same cause: keeping your technology running smooth!

Rather than working in a break/fix fashion, we are able to resolve issues before you lose critical files, experience any unnecessary down-time, or are faced with a cryptic error message. Our rates are usually much more affordable per year than just a single visit from your current technician!

We don’t make money by fixing your issues. We’re paid if we prevent the issues!

I own a small business. I’ve heard that managed services are incredibly expensive and reserved for larger businesses. Do you have a solution for me?
We hear this a lot. We have a plan for everyone. We offer rates specially tailored for small start-ups on a tight budget, all the way up towards fortune 500 companies with thousands of devices! We’ll work with you to craft a unique and personalized solution.
How would I pay for this? I wouldn’t want another invoice that I have to remember to pay every month!
This issue is brought up quite often. Due to our love of simplicity; we offer our clients the option of automatic recurring payments. You will never have to worry about paying on time when you sign up for auto-pay. Link up a debit or credit card and we’ll deduct your monthly bill automatically.